Development of project outlines in the NUM Hub cooperation portal

The current funding phase of the Network University Medicine (NUM) ends on 30 June 2025. We are therefore now starting to prepare for the planned next funding phase. The procedure for developing project outlines for cooperative research projects in the NUM will start on Monday, 1 July 2024 in the cooperation portal of the NUM Hub.

The co-operative project ideas for research projects are to be developed in 6 calls in so-called theme rooms in the NUM Hub.

Brief information on the themed rooms

Topic-space Title Short description
1 Additions to and improvements of current NUM research (data) infrastructures The NUM currently operates several research (data) infrastructures with a variety of purposes. These are AKTIN@NUM, GenSurv, NUKLEUS, RACOON, NUM-RDP, NUM-DIZ, NATON 2.0. This call deals with the improvement and further development of the NUM infrastructures listed above. These research (data) infrastructures need to be continually improved and expanded in order to best serve the needs of clinical researchers. To this end, the NUM funds additional research projects for infrastructure development outside of the base funding of NUM infrastructures. This serves the purpose to open up participation in infrastructure development projects to the entire NUM community, not only to those who are already operating NUM infrastructures.
2 Two additional specialist networks for clinical studies, including new clinical and/or clinical-epidemiological studies, beyond infectious diseases The NUM is in the process of setting up a generic clinical study network as well as a specialist network on infectious diseases. In the new funding period, the latter should be complemented by two more specialist networks. These specialist networks are comprised by clinicians and clinical staff in the respective research fields, who are responsible for drafting and implementing study protocols and recruiting patients within the respective specialist area.
3 New clinical and clinical-epidemiological studies (incl. platform trial) on infectious diseases The NUM is in the process of setting up a generic clinical study network and various specialist clinical study networks. This call aims to identify clinical trials, clinical-epidemiological studies or platform trials in the field of infectious diseases to strengthen the NUM clinical study network in general and as part of a rapid response capability to public health crises.
4 Setting up new registries in the NUM This call is aimed at identifying new registries that should be established specifically in the NUM (as opposed to other contexts) on NUM (data) infrastructures, to enrich and take advantage of the NUM ecosystem. Any potential registry must directly support patient-oriented and potentially practice-changing research and/or public health (crises) management.
5 Research project(s) for the autopsy data platform The infrastructure project NUM National Autopsy Network (NATON) is a Germany-wide network of university hospitals and autopsy centres that serves to gain systematic and standardised data and intelligence about pathogens from autopsies. The aim is to provide comprehensive and joined-up data for research across the NUM network. This call serves the purpose of identifying at least one research project (use case) that uses the autopsy data platform and ideally contributes to improving it further.
6 Research project(s) for the imaging data platform The infrastructure project Radiological Cooperative Network (RACOON) , a nationwide imaging data platform, supports the structured real-time collection, evaluation and provision of radiological data. This call aims to identify at least one research project (use case) that uses the imaging data platform and ideally contributes to improving it further.

Further information on the theme rooms is available in the NUM Hub in the respective theme room and at the kick-off events on 1 July 2024

Registration NUM HUB

In order to participate in the process, you must be registered in the NUM Hub. If you are not yet registered in the NUM Hub, you should register in the NUM Hub now.

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The current schedule

01.07.2024 Activation of the theme rooms in the NUM Hub & kick-off meetings in the respective theme rooms, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. The individual dates will be published together with the announcement of the theme rooms.
From 01.07.2024 Drafting process of the abstracts and in the later course of the English-language project outline
30/09/2024 Deadline for submitting the English-language project outlines to the Coordination Office
October - December 2024 Submission of the project outlines by the KS to the DLR-PT for review by an international committee
From January 2025 Announcement of the review result and subsequent preparation of German-language application documents
01.07.2025 Start of funding for the new research projects

Video tutorial: Cooperation portal - procedure for developing new project ideas

# Section Timestamps (mm:ss)
1 Preparation for the 3rd NUM funding phase 00:32
2 Content of the tutorial 01:20
3 Purpose and limitations 02:07
4 Save the Date - 1 July 2024 03:46
5 The three funding lines in NUM 04:32
6 The NUM Hub 06:51
7 Procedure flow: phases (rough structure) 07:09
10 Integration of the Reseach Infrastructures (RIS) 08:24
11 Participation criteria 11:04
12 Cooperation portal 15:57
13 Theme rooms 17:06
14 Workspaces 19:46
15 Support tools for the formation of project groups 21:09
16 Process flow 23:08
17 Abstracts 28:59
18 Pitches 32:21
19 Voting procedure 34:50
20 Project outlines 37:05
21 Transfer and international review 39:44
22 Contact and support 40:47

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